Lucky Patcher apk Free Download Full Version

Lucky Patcher apk Free Download Full Version

Lucky patcher Apk ( Latest Version )

Lucky patcher apk  is the best and fantastic android application developed & published by Chelpus. Lucky patcher apk is eventually the best hacking software available for android.

Note : If you are currently using devices which are not rooted please read this article on how to use lucky patcher apk without having your android device rooted as many of you are having android devices which are not rooted.

Features Of Lucky Patcher Apk:-

1) Custom Patch :-

There are many Android applications which are not free and you have to purchase them and put a license or registration key in that specific application to enable full version mode of the application and unlock all of the locked features. Now many of us are not so much established to buy that software as we are students or not in the position to buy the application so for those the lucky patcher Apk full version is the best solution available in the market. You can apply custom patch on those apps using Lucky Patcher Apk and in this way you can easily get the full version of required application.

2) Remove license verification / Confirmation from applications :-

Some apps you download on your android device are paid and they check time by time wether application is purchased is not by using license verification or license confirmation process. By using lucky patcher you can easily bypass those license verification.!

3) Remove Adds.

You probably don’t like adds in the free version of various apps, well guess what? no one likes it. So this lucky patcher is best solution available in the market if you want to enjoy the app without seeing adds..

How to use lucky patcher apk in android ( Full Tutorial ) ?


1) First download lucky patcher free from the below download links.

2) Install it, open it and grant root access.

Lucky Patcher apk Free Download Full Version

3) Now select the option ‘ Open menu of patcher’ in order to apply custom patch or remove license verification as explained above.

Lucky Patcher apk Free Download Full Version

To apply custom patch using lucky patcher follow the following steps:-

  1. Firstly click on the option ‘Custom Patch’ If one patch fails try another, in case multiple patches are available.

Lucky Patcher apk Free Download Full Version

2. Now you will be having custom patch information such as that custom patch is for which version of requested app. What will happed after applying patch etc.

Lucky Patcher apk Free Download Full Version


3. Now select the option ‘Apply’  You will be see ‘patching’ windows after it.

4. Now wait for some minutes, if patch is successful the color will become green.

Lucky Patcher apk Free Download Full Version

5. If patch is not be applied for any reason, there will be “Patch not applied” text in red colour. Please downgrade or upgrade version of the app or game you are trying to patch/crack.