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Windows XP is no doubt one of the most powerful and acclaimed upgrade of the well-known personal operating system Windows by Microsoft. Windows XP was produced and published by Microsoft as a part of Windows NT family of the operating system that was released by Microsoft about 15 years ago on October 25, 2011. Windows XP was code named as free Whistler. Windows XP generally received positive reviews after its release in year 2001 and was labeled as the most significant product key OS upgrade by Microsoft after Windows 98. One of the most innovative features of Windows XP was that it abandons all the previous code of DOS, 16 Bit Windows and Windows 95 and off to a solid start with new and powerful coding at the backend. There are two major editions of Microsoft Windows XP and these are the product key Home Edition and the Professional Edition. Both these free editions are derived from Windows 2000 Kernel.

Windows XP is a robust and reliable operating system that is aimed at both the home and corporate users. It has an enhanced performance as compared to previous version Windows ME and comes with a more intuitive product key interface, improved and wide hardware support and advance multimedia support and properties. Windows XP Professional (genuine serials) serial number can be termed as the most popular edition of Microsoft Windows operating system as about 400 million copies of the XP were sold in only first five years of its free release. According to an estimate about one billion copies of XP has been sold by the year 2015. Windows XP is still popular even after the release of newer product key versions of operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Pros and Cons of Windows XP:

Pros Cons
·         One of the most useful features of XP is its new and bright feel with an easy to navigate desktop where you can access all the files and folders in the same way as you browse over a website

·         Windows XP is more reliable and dependable as compared to its free predecessors because it is based on a strong product key NT engine and not on the traditional and outdated MS-DOS download architecture

·         The look and the feel of Windows XP are more straightforward and professional. Such as the entire task bar icons are now arranged in the form of a group in order to avoid clutter on the desktop

·         There is a support of multiple user accounts and you can create separate password and usernames for multiple users with customized My Documents folder and a unique level of access and product key privileges.

·         Windows XP offers more network friendliness as compared to its previous versions

·         Windows XP offers a Control Panel under the main control panel that makes things simple and easy for non-technical users



·         Activation is a bit complex as you have 30 days to activate your XP copy via internet or phone and after 30 days your operating system will stop working.

·         There are some software and applications that won’t work on XP without installing their update versions or patches

·         Windows update program is a bit intrusive and constantly interrupts your workflow to perform an update.

·         Windows XP is the most vulnerable version of Windows OS that is easily prone to viruses, worms and product key malware. That’s why it is the Hackers favorite free version of Windows

·         Microsoft has officially given up on this operating system in 2014 and you have to upgrade to the other newer version of the operating system if you don’t want to risk your security.

·         It is a bit pushy and constantly asks you to apply favoritism towards using Microsoft licensed products such as Windows Messenger and other hosted paid services of Microsoft. NET

·         Media Player is XP allows you to only record tracks from CD in WMA format and don’t support MP3 format unless you have an optional product key decoder that you have to purchase.


Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 Product Key: The User Interface

The user interface of Windows XP is completely overhauled with new feel and free visual appearance. There is an increased use of product key visual effects, styles, alpha compositing effects and drop shadows that give the operating system its clean visual look and professional feel. The display of graphical effects in XP depends upon the processing system of the computer on which it is being installed and these effects can be disabled on the basis of processor speed, VGA card etc. Another feature added in XP is called ClearType that is a new sub pixel rendering that helps in improving the display of the operating system on liquid crystal display. There is a free introduction of new set of product key system icons that are more appealing and up to date download.

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The Start Menu is the item that receives a major makeup over in the new operating system Windows XP. The Start Menu is divided in two major columns having an ability to list, pin, and display those product key programs and free applications that are used frequently. With the help of new Start Menu you can also access recently used documents and the cascading All Programs Menu as well. There is a new and innovative feature of the taskbar that supports the grouping of similar applications opened in separate windows and a popup menu that lists the different product key windows of the same application download. The notification free area of the taskbar hides all the inactive icons by default. Another brilliant feature of the taskbar is the locking option that avoids the accidental moving of the objects or moving other objects on the taskbar.

XP supports fast switching options that allow multiple users to log in on the same machine without closing the programs and product key applications opened by existing users. However, the main console of the operating system can be used by only one user at a time. Other users can resume their sessions and tasks once they regain the access of your console.

Windows XP: The Basic Infrastructure

In order to prevent privacy and copyright infringement Windows XP Professional Sp3 Product Keys Generator Free requires activation with the help of Windows Product Activation process. In this process each Windows license is activated and attached to a free unique ID that is generated by gathering the product key hardware information of machine on which windows XP is being installed.

The startup and application time in Windows XP is also improved with the help of pre-fetcher. You can also roll back the installation of an updated device driver if the updated device doesn’t produce desired product key results.

Windows XP: Network Functionality and Internet Support

In order to browse Internet easily and smoothly Windows XP is by default bundled with free Internet Explorer 6, Outlook Express 6, Windows Messenger and MSN Explorer. In terms of secure networking a number of new product key features are added in XP such as Internet Connection Firewall, NAT traversal APIs, QoS features to ensure quality, IPv6 support, Teredo Tunneling, Internet Connection Sharing Integration, Background Intelligent Transfer Service, enhanced Fax features, peer to peer networking support, network bridging, built in support for most of the DSL modems, auto configuration and roaming of IEEE 802.11 free Wi-Fi connections and support of Networking over Fire wire. Windows XP has also added product key features of remote desktop and remote assistance which allows user to connect to their PC by using internet or a local network download.

Windows XP: Performance Features

There are a number of technical new features added in Windows XP that has enhanced the performance and user workflow. DirectX 8 is upgraded to DirectX 9.0 and there are number of new added enhancements in Windows Explorer such as task panes, tiles and new film strip product key views. There is new and improved grouping and sorting options along with better searching within the document categories. There are customizable info tips a built in CD burning facility along with Auto Play option and Simple File Sharing Support. Windows XP is a package that comes with kernel enhancements and product key power management options. Imaging features are also improved such as Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. There also improved image handling and thumbnail caching in Windows Explorer. Windows XP Product Key 2015 Full List Free Download gives user an experience of faster start up, logon and logoff facilities, hibernation and application launch sequences. XP also promises enhanced System product key reliability such as enhanced System Restore, Automated System Recovery, improved Windows Error Reporting and driver reliability options download.

There is also an improved hardware support such as USB 2 with Service Pack 1, Media Transfer Protocol, Windows Image Acquisition Media and DualView for multi monitor and audio improvement. Media features of Windows XP are also improved and enhanced with assistance of free Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker. There are TV and Video Capture facilities with product key Windows Encoder and Windows Media center. There general improvements feature such as support for more languages, more locales and scripts. Games and product key accessories are also enhanced and updated in Windows XP as compared to Windows 2000. Windows XP also offers native support to the compressed zip files.

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Windows XP: Editions

Windows XP is released in two major editions that are listed as under: –

  • Home Edition
  • Professional Edition

Both of these product key editions are available as retail pre-installed operating system on new machine and also available in boxed copies. Box copies of Windows XP were sold as Upgrade or Full License. The Upgrade is slightly cheaper than the Full License version. The Upgrade version requires a pre-installed version of Windows Operating system where as the Full License version can be installed on the new machines running without any operating system. Home Edition is aimed at the home based consumer as a results lacks some of the advanced and corporate product key features such as Windows Domain, Inter Information Services and Multilingual User Interface download.

Windows XP: Service Packs

There are three service packs that are released for Windows XP to fix various bugs along with adding some new features. Each product key service pack is a superset of all the previous editions and free service packs to ensure that no feature is missed and every bug is fixed.

  • Service Pack 1

It was released on September 9, 2002 and include about free 300 post RTM bug fixes along with added support for USB 2, Microsoft Java Virtual product key Machine and .NET Framework download.

  • Service Pack 2

This pack was released on August 25, 2004 and offers some new functionality such as WPA encryption and improved WI-FI support along with pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer and product key Bluetooth Support.

  • Service Pack 3

Windows XP Service Pack 3 was released on April 21, 2008 and it’s pushed to free automatic updates of Windows users on July 10, 2008.

Windows XP Home SP3 all versions serial number and keygen for All Version: System Requirements

In order to install and run Windows XP you need Intel Pentium 233 MHz or later along with BIOS or compatible firmware. Minimum RAM requirement is 64 MB where as recommended RAM is 128 MB. The minimum HD space is 1.5 GB and it increases if you are going to upgrade any of the Service Packs. There must be a Super product key VGA card installed on your machine along with Sound Card and speakers. Physical memory limits of Windows XP for Starter and Home Edition is 512 MB and for Professional 64-bit edition it is 128 GB.

End of the Support by Microsoft

On April 2009, Microsoft ends its mainstream support for Windows XP and entered the Extended Support. Microsoft only provides security updates for Windows XP at monthly basis however there were no free technical support, free warranty claims and design changes. However, the extended product key support also ends on April 8, 2014 after 12 years of the release of the product download.


Windows XP was the most popular and widely used free Windows operating system till August 2012 and after that it was eventually taken over by Windows 7. Windows XP marked history with its robust product key NT engine support and OEM integration. Microsoft XP justified itself as a best operating system for about 12 long years and a number of new features were added to it on customer demand. Windows XP was a definite upgrade for every Windows 9x user as it provides them with more reliable features along with offering improved and enhanced application and hardware level compatibility.


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