The Top 5 Multimedia Software Free Download Full Version

The Top 5 Multimedia Software Free Download Full Version with Crack, Patch and Working Serial keys

The Top 5 Multimedia Software Free Download Full Version with Crack, Patch and Working Serial keys

Multimedia software are ideal source for creating and editing videos in a professional way to get a desired results in terms of effects, quality and the output format of the video. There are a number of multimedia video editors that allows the expert as well as non experienced users to create high quality videos just from a raw footage. With the help of professional multimedia software you can create a quality finished video just in a few minutes. Today we are reviewing and presenting a list of the most appreciated and versatile video editors of 2017 so please have a look.

1) CorelDraw Graphics Suite x8

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CorelDraw is one of the most celebrated vector drawing packages of all the times and provide you with a strong set of video and image editing tools. The suite is a very tempting alternative of Illustrator and best against the subscription only software. The software is very welcoming in terms of features and starts up guides to the expert as well as the new users and comes with an interactive and easy to use interface. CorelDraw is ideal software for creating page layouts as well as graphical websites and there is a huge selection of template files, thousands of fonts and also saves a lot of time that you have to waste while setting up the other software.

The tool is equally beneficial to the graphic pros, business entrepreneurs as well as hobbyist. There is added support for 4K Ultra HD and also for the 3D Media as well. There is also an option of motion tracking that let you add effects and text to the objects that follow a moving object in the video. There is option of HTML 5 video page creation and also support for 64 bit performance. There are a few weaknesses in the software as well such as low rendering speed as compared to competitors and no search options for thousands of available effects and media.

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2) CorelDraw Visual Studio Pro x9

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CorelDraw Visual Studio Pro x9 is the latest version of popular and featured packed video editing software by Corel. The program provides you with all the features it supposed to be providing and one of the best software among the competition in consumer grade video editing software. The software is very easy to use for the beginners and also equipped with all the tools that are required by the expert users. There is Fast Flick feature of the software that let you finish the editing of professional video just in a few minutes. There is a flexibility to create complex and large videos from the software as you can use up to 32 video editing tracks and one track for the main video and 20 tracks for the overlay videos. There are two title tracks, one voice track, and about eight music editing tracks supported by the software.

There is a huge library of video effects and audio transitions, titles and templates as well. There are more than 200 options for transitions and effects and about 1500 programmed elements to choose from. One of the negative aspects of the program is that it has only 32 editing tracks and one editing line for the main video editing.

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3) FL Studio 12

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FL Studio 12 comes with very practical improvements and the vector based graphical user interface of the software is worth praise. The studio has come with updates and added features in all of the three versions of their multimedia software. The video editing mixer is extremely versatile in terms of its features and provides you with its incredible value such as life time free updates. FL Studio 12 is now much more than just a simple MIDI drum sequencer that has limited number of production capacity. Nowadays the software is efficiently being used in live performances, as a multimedia production suite in conjunction with other digital audio workstations. The best feature of the software is that it contains a number of virtual instruments and also loops. There is a strong capability of the software to create electronic music and can be used to create electronic beats as well. There is step sequencer that can be used to create music where you can drag and drop the sounds and also you can compose and arrange audio and music with ease and efficiency.

There are about 30 synthesizers, drum machines, sample pads and also a lot of other effects as well. The studio edition offers more effects and tools as compared to the producer edition.

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4) Movavi Video Converter 15

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Movavi Video Converter 15 is advanced multimedia editing application that is suitable for complex and advanced projects. You can not only edit the videos but you can also convert them, convert video to audio and image format, upload and download multimedia files to and from the internet and also capture your monitor screen as well. There is a 7 day trial version of the software available for download at the official website and also available in multiple languages such as German, English French and many others. The best features of Movavi Video Converter 15 are its speed, quality, and wide array of tools that can be customized according to the requirement of the user. The new videos are very productive and without quality loss. There is a large library of pre-program conversions and optimized profiles with a comparison chart provided by the software.

All the core features of the program are incorporated in the main interface of the program and you can convert a file just with a single click as well. The program can convert an hour long video just in a few minutes. There are a few weaknesses in the software as well such as it doesn’t have an ability to download video files from websites like You Tube and Vimeo.

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5) Nero Multimedia Suite

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The latest version of Nero Multimedia Suite strays from its original disc burning ability and focuses more on consumer multimedia editing functions. It has collection of professional tools that let you extract much more from your photos, videos and audio files along with performing the basic disk burning tasks as well. The interface of Nero Multimedia Suite is absolutely clutter free, innovative and also allows you free navigation along with multi tasking a number of operations. The software can also be used as photo, audio and video organizing software. The video editor of the software is versatile as it offers excellent multi track video editor. There is a secure Disc feature of the software to protect the disc that you have burned by using the software. The installer is handy and smaller as compared to the previous installer and is now easier to install the program. There is Span Disc option by the software for larger and complex burn jobs.

There are also a few weaknesses in the software such as it rips the CD slower as compared to its competitor. The background backup of the program slows down the performance of the software as well as your PC.

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