Incredible Danes
Our Contract: Please read over the contract below.  If you are buying a puppy please print and sign the page and text or email.  I will sign the contract and mail it to you along with a receipt for your deposit.  We require your deposit 5 days from the receipt of the signed contract. Each puppy will be registered with it’s chosen name followed by Incredible Danes. We accept Cash, Cashiers Check, Western Union and Money Gram.  There is no return of your deposit if you should decide not to purchase a puppy. Shipping is available at buyers expense but not preferred.  (airline fees, travel kennel, and vet. certificate for travel)
Breeder agrees to:
  • Provide all appropriate vaccines and de-worming.
  • Provide indoor living space for the dogs and adequate play time outdoors.
  • Give all medical records and A.K.C. certification to the buyer
  • Keep the buyer up to date on the puppy’s well being during our care via website, email and text.
  • We will be honest with all the information regarding the puppy.
Buyer agrees to:
  • Have the Puppy checked by a Licensed Veterinary within 3 days of purchase and/or delivery
  • Provide appropriate veterinary care for the Great Dane..  The next visit to the veterinary and round of shots are at 9 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks.
  • Provide adequate nutrition required for a Great Dane.
  • At BUYERS expense return animal to breeder in the event that the buyer can no longer or no longer wishes to take care of the animal.
  • Animal shall NEVER be given to a shelter or a rescue.
The buyer ___________________________ agrees to pay Cheryl Barsness with a $500 deposit. This signed contract and the received deposit reserves the chosen puppy ___________________ from the litter of ___________________________________ $500.00 Deposit required Remainder of purchase price _____________ dollars is due when the puppy is 5 weeks old.
Buyer:____________________________________________    Date:_______________________
Cheryl Barsness